Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beware the Procrastination Demons by LeRon Barton

I can say without a doubt, procrastination has been a battle that I have faced. It has always been there, lurking its evil head around. Procrastination says, “Hey, don’t worry about writing/studying/going here, we can do that later. Why don’t we…” and that’s when it starts. I came to realize that procrastination for me was all about fear. What? Fear? Yep, the fear that whatever project you are working on, you could fail at it. You are scared that when you start it, you may not be able to complete it up to it’s standards. I came to that conclusion before I started the book. 

I would constantly put off starting Straight Dope saying, “I will get to it tomorrow or I am gonna start it soon,” and I wouldn’t write. Then one day, I just said, “You know what, lets get to it.” When I would break through the “procrastination prison,” I noticed that once I started going, it was on. I was rolling down the hill after that.

Now, I set a schedule and stick with it. I don’t worry about the end result being crappy or bad, I can always go back and revise it. And then there is the editing, but that is another story….

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