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#Author Greg Sandora on His Favourite Place to Write @GregSandora #amwriting #thriller

Do you have a favorite place to write?
I most always write in a comfortable chair in the living room. Usually before anyone wakes, it’s really quiet.
Who is your publisher? 
Itoh Press is my publisher
Why did you decide to write Jack Canon’s American Destiny?
This is a story that I’ve never seen at the movies and always wanted to see.  I wanted to write an edge of your seat thriller about wealth, murder, conspiracy, power, revenge and a Presidential Campaign . There’s romance, sex, and corruption at the highest levels. Jack Canon wants to make a better world for all people. The Book Gazette Review recently did a review that sums it all up -”I loved this book. Seriously, Jack Canon’s American Destiny is probably one of the best books of the year. It comes in the package of a political thriller, but it’s actually so much more. It’s romance, friendship, idealism, suspense, mystery, all thrown in one.
From the moment we meet Jack, he comes across as a relatable, driven, determined character. His immediate crew all offer something valuable on the table, and their determination and drive is something the current government can take a hint from.
Whether or not they’ll make it into the oval office, I won’t reveal, but it’s certainly one bumpy ride. They’ll have to face a murder conspiracy, their own doubts and fears, the opposition, and sometimes even themselves if they want to make it.”
Are you reading any interesting books at the moment? 
The untethered soul.
Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
My favorite character is Sandy Collins, Jack’s gorgeous assistant. I can’t wait until she enters a seen, and miss her when she leaves the room. Sandy is so pretty, her existence makes all women more beautiful.
What is your least favorite quality about yourself? 
I tend towards impatience.
How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing to you?
Gene Hobbs is a billionaire campaign financier who first befriends and then turns on Jack. His daughter and heir, Timlin falls in love with Jack in the sequel. Hobb’s is evil on a level many have not witnessed, he collects artifacts of torture to give a hint.
Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?
My wife did the first read and helped to shape the story, it was a lot of work. After that my publisher hired a professional editor who did the final edit.
When is your favorite time of day to write? 
I love to write early in the morning. Usually after I have dreamt something or had a thought that must be added.
Tell us what you’re working on at the moment.
I am so excited about two projects, the first Jack Canon’s Women of the House is the sequel to American Destiny, due out this month.  In it I basically pulled out all the stops, it’s for readers who want over the top wealth, power and corruption served against a backdrop of thrills, wrapped in the most fantastic romance I could dream up.  It’s a wild ride and I’ll either make a lot of friends or be thrown out of Dodge.
My second project is Gabby, Angel of God, a Supernatural Romantic Thriller about an angel that comes to Earth for a two week adventure.  It’s a fun story of mystery, unrequited love, romance and of course thrills. Gabby is pretty amazing! Here’s an excerpt -
“I’ve got to go to Brunswick, Bo, would you take me? We could borrow the motorcycle; Wesley won’t need it anymore.”
I didn’t want to admit that I’ve never driven a Harley before. I’d driven a few motorbikes when I was a kid, but I didn’t think I could handle a full-size Harley the first time out.
“Who said anything about you driving?” Gabby teased me. She was reading my thoughts again. “You’ll do fine,” she added.
“I’ll give it a try.” She had wounded my masculine pride so I was determined to rise to the challenge. I jumped onto the bike, propped it upright, and steadied it off the kickstand. Instinctively, I reached for the handgrip, rolled it to quarter throttle and pushed my thumb on the starter button. The bike roared to a deep-throated rumble. I pulled back racing the engine, “Hop on!”
Gabby climbed on the back and sat really close to me on the small seat. She reached her arms around my waist and hugged, laying her head sideways, her cheek to my back. I kicked the gear lever down and heard the tranny knock into place. I operated on instinct and figured it was one down and five up on the gears. Things were coming easier to me. I became convinced that I could drive this hog.
“Hold on,” I hollered back, even though she was already holding tight. I gave it some gas, released the clutch, and gave her a half throttle twist as we roared into the street. Barely four seconds into the ride and I had already been through three of the gears. “This is a blast!” I shouted.
“You don’t need to yell, Bo.” Gabby switched to talking in my head because of the noise from the motorcycle.
“Oh, sorry.” I felt a little bad about yelling. Presumably angels have really great hearing.
“You’ll get used to me. Do you really think I’m the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen, Bo?” I could feel her cheek move against my back as she smiled.
“You’re so beautiful my heart is shivering. Even in my dreams I’ve never seen anything so amazing. In all my life I never imagined anyone or anything could be as beautiful as you.”
“You’re very certain Bo. Tell me, how many angels have you seen?’
“Just you, but I know beautiful when I see it.” My absolute conviction about that came through in my voice.
“Is that so?” Gabby sounded amused.
I was feeling curious. “Gabby, I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said, it’s hard to believe there are angels guarding the outer edges of the earth.”
“Didn’t you pay attention in science class – you remember the earth is spinning at a thousand miles an hour and traveling through space at eighteen miles per second, but angels protecting it is the part you find too amazing to believe?”
‘‘Well, when you put it like that.”
“Every morning you wake to a glowing red fireball in the sky and it doesn’t make you think, who put it there?” Gabby seemed to be in full instructional-angel mode.
“It seems ridiculous when you put it like that. The idea that there could be such powerful and awe-inspiring phenomenon in the universe with no Creator behind them seems absurd. Here I am riding down route one, on a Harley I didn’t even know how to drive – having the deepest metaphysical conversation of my life – with the most gorgeous woman ever – and it’s a telepathic conversation at that! I better not wake up and realize this is a dream!”
A few silky strands of Gabby’s hair were blown by the wind to caress my cheek. “Don’t worry, you’re not dreaming – in fact this is probably the most real experience you’ve ever had.”
I realized she was right. “That’s true! I feel more awake and alive than I’ve ever been. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt. I love being with you.”
“Don’t get too attached.” Gabby warned me. “I’m only here for two weeks in Earth time, Bo. That’s all the time I have and then I have to leave.”
“You’re my dream come true Gabby. Isn’t there any way that you can stay longer?”
“That’s not up to me Bo. That decision was made long before you were born. Let’s just enjoy each other while I’m here, okay?” Gabby sounded a little sad.
“Okay, I want to spend every moment I can with you.”
“There is one thing that you could do for me if we are going to spend this time together.” Gabby sounded cautious.
“I want to be a girl, you know, in between our assignments. I want to have some fun.”
I was a little confused. “You said you were a girl. What do you mean, Gabby?”
“I said I’m a female angel. There is a difference. I want to live as a girl, a human girl, try it out – to see what it’s like, okay? Will you treat me like a girl, Bo?” Now she sounded a bit wistful.
I was excited by the chance to do this for her. “You got it! It will be my pleasure.”
We stopped at a red light. Neither of us was wearing a helmet. A motorist next to us took exception and yelled over, “Hey fuck head, it’s one thing for you not to wear a helmet but your girl should be protected.”
Gaby’s long hair was flying all over the place and obviously had been trailing behind the bike. We weren’t driving too fast, Route One is known for winding one-lane roads. It passes through all the quaint, little seaside towns of Maine. It’s the most picturesque route with one porch lined Main Street after the other.
Gabby looked over at the driver, a middle-aged tough guy in a truck, exhibiting signs of road rage, and gave him a beatific smile. I was getting pissed. I fixed a hostile gaze on him. That upset him even more.
He fumed, “What are you looking at asshole?”
Gabby murmured to me, “Wait for it.”
Four loud explosive pops sounded like gunshots as all four tires blew out in unison. The truck was sitting on flat tires and rims. The light changed, I hit the throttle, and we were off, laughing as the guy jumped out of the truck screaming, kicking the ground. Our muffler made it impossible to hear Gabby aloud. We had to go back to communicating telepathically.
“You have to be more careful, Bo, you did that.” Gabby was chiding me but she did sound faintly amused as well.
“No way! The tires? I did that? I thought it was you, Gabby. How could I do that?”
“Your faith can move mountains. Don’t try it though, please! You’re going to have to learn to control yourself around me so things aren’t just chaotic around you.”
“That might be true but, Gabby, you could’ve made a helmet if you wanted.”
“I don’t need one, and I like the wind running through my hair, it feels wonderful!” Gabby took one arm from around my waist and ran her fingers through her hair.
“Speaking of making things, how did you manage to make so many outfits, it was like ten in a row in less than two minutes?” I was trying to think practically about how all these amazing things were happening.
“I was in each outfit only long enough to see your reaction. Your pupils don’t lie, Bo. They dilate when you like something.” She sounded amused by my human reactions to her.
“You’re right, I love what you’re wearing and you look really pretty, but how did you do it? And, how did I pop those tires?”
“Energy and vibration controlled by the power of your mind. You only use ten percent of your brain. If you tap into the part that humans don’t usually use you can use it to control part of the common energy that binds creation. You’re able to access it when you’re with me, most likely because, as an angel, I am so attuned to that energy.”
I considered that. “Haven’t you ever been with a human before? Did it happen with them?”
“Only once, and just for a few minutes. Not long enough for anything to happen.”
“So, I’m the second human you’ve spent time with?”
“Well if it’s any consolation, I’m scheduled for earth again in a thousand years.” Gabby said that gently, clearly trying to placate me.
“Who was the first?”
What books have influenced you in the past? 
The Course in Miracles, Seat of the Soul. I love books on spirituality.

Two months have passed since the long awaited inauguration of the New President of the United States - Jack Canon. Now he must live up to his promises. The World is wounded, people are hurting, the new President must keep the country afloat. Jack leads a very full life - The first couple's relationship is hot with passion, but he can never admit that to Sandy, his best friend who is also head over heels in love with him. The Women of the House provide a welcome distraction while helping with the arduous task of running the country.
As President Jack must make tough decisions: Global Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Korea on the brink of war, all while thwarting International Greed. Women of the House is a story of noble sacrifice at extremely high cost. Who's going to be the first to be strong enough and willing to pay? It's not all work in Women of the House - Think the Wedding of the Decade meets the Crime of the Century.
Jack Canon's Women of the House, is a story filled with Love, Lust, and Loyalty where passions can run wild! In Sandora's monumental sequel, patriotism and valor mingle with an undying love that refuses to quit. Ride along as Jack Canon fights back against the most evil people on the planet. Readers are sure to embrace this unforgettable tale which will appeal to fans of political adventure, suspense and romance alike. Jack Canon's Women of the House is a story of kindness, passion and courage that can't be separated.
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