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Author Spotlight on Tracy Weber @TracyWeberTypes #CozyMystery #GoodReads #Yoga

Do you have a writing schedule?
I write in fits and spurts, meaning there is no such thing as a defined schedule. I’m more productive in the afternoon and evening, so when I write, I usually start after lunch, and I often write until very late in the night. Some weeks I don’t write at all, because I’m focused on running my yoga studio or developing my yoga teacher training programs. Other days I write twelve hours or more.
What’s your favorite meal? 
A black bean pita burger with extra three-pepper salsa and a pink shortbread cookie for dessert. 
What color represents your personality the most? 
Red. I’m spicy.
How do you feel about social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Are they a good thing? 
On the whole, I think they’re a good thing. I’ve been able to reconnect with long-lost friends and make plenty of new ones because of social media. I love seeing cute puppy pictures and the occasional funny yoga cartoon. The trick is not letting social media take the place of your real life. I always shake my head in wonder when I see a table of people at a restaurant ignoring each other while texting on their cell phones. There has to be a balance somewhere.
Are you a city slicker or a country lover?
A little bit of both, I guess, and it changes with time. I grew up on a dairy farm in Montana and moved to the city at the age of eighteen, swearing that I’d never live in a small town again. Thirty years later, I yearn for country life. I dream of a house in the middle of nowhere with a zoo-like menagerie of German shepherds, chickens, and goats.
What’s your next project? 
I’m currently teaching an advanced yoga teacher training, and that will keep me pretty busy for the next year. My second book, A KILLER RETREAT, is at my publisher, Midnight Ink, so I’ll probably start revisions on that sometime soon. I’m also working on book three, tentatively titled KARMA CAN BE KILLER. If I sound busy, I am. That house in the country is sounding pretty darned good these days. 
Tell us some things readers might be surprised to learn about you 
This is always a tough one for me to answer. Maybe that although my mysteries are set in Seattle and my protagonist grew up in the city, I am actually a Montana farm girl. I grew up on a dairy farm in Billings, Montana, and moved to Seattle for college. People are often also surprised to learn that I spent the first six years of my career working as a Chemical Engineer. And although I own a yoga studio, I didn’t take my first yoga class until I was thirty-five. How’s that? Any surprises there?
Are you traditionally published, indie published, or a hybrid author? 
Thus far, I’m traditionally published, but I toy with the idea of becoming a full-time hybrid author. If only I had the time (or the energy!) to write more than one series!
How do you feel about self-publishing? 
I think it’s great! For now, I’m happy to be with a publisher who can help me navigate this crazy process, but I would definitely consider self-publishing or becoming a hybrid author in the future.
Do you know your neighbors? 
Some of them yes, some of them no, and none of them as much as I would like to. That’s the craziness of life in the city.
Do you find the time to read? 
Not often enough. I read while I ride the exercise bike and at night in bed if I’m not writing. I would definitely like to carve out more reading time.

When George and Bella—a homeless alcoholic and his intimidating German shepherd—disturb the peace outside her studio, yoga instructor Kate Davidson’s Zen-like calm is stretched to the breaking point. Kate tries to get rid of them before Bella scares the yoga pants off her students. Instead, the three form an unlikely friendship.
One night Kate finds George’s body behind her studio. The police dismiss his murder as a drug-related street crime, but she knows George wasn’t a dealer. So Kate starts digging into George’s past while also looking for someone to adopt Bella before she’s sent to the big dog park in the sky. With the murderer nipping at her heels, Kate has to work fast or her next Corpse Pose may be for real.
Cozy fans will eagerly await the next installment.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
Murder Strikes a Pose, by Tracy Weber, is a delightful debut novel featuring Kate Davidson, a caring but feist yoga teacher . . . Namaste to Weber and her fresh, new heroine!” PENNY WARNER,AUTHOR OFHOW TO DINE ON KILLER WINE
“[T]his charming debut mystery . . . pieces together a skillful collage of mystery, yoga, and plenty of dog stories against the unique backdrop of Seattle characters and neighborhoods. The delightful start of a promising new series. I couldn’t put it down!” WAVERLY FITZGERALD, AUTHOR OF DIAL C FOR CHIHUAHUA
“Three woofs for Tracy Weber’s first Downward Dog Mystery, Murder STrikes a Pose. Great characters, keep-you-guessing plot, plenty of laughs, and dogswhat more could we want? Ah, yesthe next book!” SHEILA WEBSTER BONEHAM, AUTHOR OF DROP DEAD ON RECALL
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Genre – Cozy Mystery
Rating – PG
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