Thursday, November 7, 2013

Memoirs of a Sex Addict: A Jersey Girl Bares All by Samantha Barrett @samanthabarrett

I often wondered if others felt this way about themselves. For me, it was my nose, but did other people have things about themselves that they didn’t like? No—I knew the answer to that. People always complain about something they don’t like about themselves. But did other people have things about themselves that they obsessed about, things that they hated so much that they couldn’t even speak about it? Like did people with weight issues hate the word fat or chubby? Did people with bad skin hate the word pimple or acne? Were they also not only unable to say it themselves, but did they become uncomfortable when people around them were talking about it? It wasn’t until I heard about Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) in my late twenties that I realized I was not the only one.

“Why didn’t you just get a nose job?” Isn’t that what most of you are thinking? And it seems like a great solution; so I did. I had four nose jobs. That’s the problem with BDD; it’s a disease of the mind not the body. You need the “psychic change.” That is very important for everyone to understand and to remember. After each nose surgery, whether they broke the bone or just removed cartilage, I would look in the mirror and my reflection never changed, I still saw the same face that I hated so much. This is why I stress the need for a “psychic change.” You need to change the way the mind has been programmed. It’s like when you break a bone; they don’t just put a cast on it and it heals back to the way it was. The bone needs to be re-set before the cast is put on. If it isn’t, when you take that cast off, the bone will still be broken. Plastic surgery did get rid of the bump on my nose, but my mind was still broken. I still believed all of the lies that had been, told, confirmed, and repeated for so many years. Those beliefs also needed to change, not just the shape of my nose.


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