Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Author Interview – Cerece Rennie Murphy @CereceRMurphy


Have you met any people in the industry who have really helped you?

Yes.  My friend Trice Hickman has been a constant source of encouragement and support.  I watched her journey from a self-published author to a traditionally published author.  It was hard work, but she pursued her dream until she got what she wanted.

What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your words make them feel?

First and foremost, I want them to be entertained and engrossed.  I want them to feel like they are experiencing everything that that the characters are going through.  But, my deepest desire for the Order of the Seers trilogy is to have people feel inspired to look at themselves, their perception of their own potential and their world differently.  I want them to wonder after reading the books, what I am really capable of?

What’s your favorite meal?

It depends on my mood.  I’m always in the mood for sugar, so if you fed me a plate of cookies, I’d be happy.  I love Shrimp Marsala and Curried Chicken and Rice. Good Kibbeh with Tabouleh and a savory Chicken Enchilada.  If it’s good, I’ll eat it. J

What color represents your personality the most?

Purple. It’s intense, but warm.

What movie do you love to watch?

It depends on my mood.  If I’m really stressed, I used to love watching The Truth About Cats and Dogs. If I’m in the mood for action/sci-fi then I love Chronicles of Riddick.  If I want a new classic, then I’ll watch The Untouchables or The Matrix.  If I want an old classic then I’ll watch The Sound of Music.  I could go on and on… If I want to watch something quirky, but brilliant, I’ll watch Lars and the Real Girl. If I want to cry I’ll watch The Joy Luck Club or Finding Nemo.  I also have a list of movies I love and own that I will never be able to watch again because it’s just too painful.  They include, The Color Purple, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Hotel Rwanda, Slumdog Millionaire and Water.

Order of the Seers

What would you do if you held infinite power in the palm of your hand? Part One of the thrilling Order of the Seers trilogy poses this question within a story that fuses action, mystery, romance, and adventure in a science fiction novel that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Captured and enslaved for their extraordinary gift, a group of individuals, known as Seers, are forced to serve a ruthless world organization that uses the power of the Seers to exploit the ultimate advantage: knowing the future. While a brother and his Seer sister fight to evade the group that hunts them, an unlikely captured Seer, plots his escape from within the organization and sets off a chain of events that will change the world.

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Genre – Science Fiction

Rating – NC-17

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