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Author Interview – Julian Rosado

Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it? All the time… but the only thing to do about the writer’s block is to keep on writing through it. To do away with it I turn off the imagination and write about anything I can see or have seen, I describe a picture, a place, anything until that spark some call a muse comes back and imagination takes over again.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? I am beginning Book Four of the Guardians Inc. Series, and starting a graphic novel project with my friend and partner Francisco Trueba completely unrelated to Guardians Inc.

How did you come up with the title? The story named itself, I actually didn’t have a title through the first months of development.  The title of the Series came naturally from within.

Can you tell us about your main character? Thomas begins at almost 16 years old, he is a typical kid from a small town. He doesn’t see himself as a superhero, and he can’t see why he could be so important for Guardians Inc. and the world. He actually believes that being the Cypher is kind of lame.

How did you develop your plot and characters? Before sitting down to write the Cypher I spent about a year and a half plotting the storylines of the series, the characters and where I wanted each one to appear and where the storylines should close.  Then I wrote a rough “map” of the different books that would make the series.

Along that map the plot can “wiggle” a little bit, the characters grow by themselves as they live the story.

Who designed the cover? My partner Francisco and I are Graphic designers, so we threw in a couple of sketches around and once we had a scene from the book that we thought would make a good cover we gave it to the actual illustrator, Fabian Cobos.

Who is your publisher? I totally skipped the search for a publisher or literary agent, I did send a couple of emails just to say I did, but my friend Francisco and I wanted to do Self-publishing from the beginning. Maybe I was wrong, but I am happy with the results so far.

What was the hardest part about writing this book? Not going overboard! Since I already had all the story arc of the series I wanted to make it longer and explore more of the Guardians Inc world in this first book, but the cooler heads of my editor and beta readers prevailed.

In its totality, Guardians Inc. is a complex story, with many characters and factions and The Cypher is the glimpse into the beginning of the journey for Thomas, making it longer would have only been overkill.

Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it? I learned a lot! The process of writing is not what I thought it was and bringing out a book should not be just the “There it is!” thing! Writing must be engaging, and I learned that the writer must think in a real sense about the reader while composing and writing the story.

How do you promote this book? Book bloggers are the best outlet for promotion and reaching out to the audience, they are also the best thermometer and reviewers a writer can have. I have concentrated on Book Tours and Netgalley for the Cypher.


A chance reading of a newspaper ad will send 16 year old Thomas Byrne into the world within our world.  Following the ad he will find Guardians Incorporated. A seven thousand year old organization charged with protecting the balance between Magic and technology.

Through their guidance technology has kept Magic at bay since the Renaissance, but the balance is shifting and soon all those creatures we’ve driven into myth and legend will come back with a vengeance. To protect the present, Guardians Incorporated needs to know the future and to unlock the future they need a cypher.

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Genre – YA Fantasy / Adventure

Rating – G

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