Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Eden Plague: Book 1 (Plague Wars) by David VanDyke


Staring down the barrel of Daniel Markis’ gun wasn’t Elise’s idea of a good time. There was no guarantee he wouldn’t snap and shoot her like he shot Jenkins, so as soon as she had enough calories in her to survive, she’d gotten the hell out.

It didn’t mean she felt good about it.

Everything in her wanted to stay with him, to explain what was going on, to hold his hand and ease the confusion in his tortured eyes. She could see the pain underlying the bravado, with compassion hidden behind his need to control an uncontrollable situation. but as a scientist, she knew there were just too many variables.

So she ran.

But she didn’t want to.

She’d driven them in Jenkins’ SUV to Markis’ neighborhood, so she had the keys. Where the usual controlling jerk would have insisted on driving, Jenkins’ privileged upbringing meant he liked to be chauffeured. Serve me had been the subtext of his every move, just like his father, who was far more powerful and frightening. They’d parked around the corner and out of sight.

Running to the vehicle, she hoped that Daniel wasn’t so out of control that he’d try to chase her down with a gun in his hand in broad daylight. Hopefully he’d just accept what happened and calm down.

I have a plan, she thought as she climbed into the seat. Or the beginnings of one, if only he’ll cooperate. He’s exactly the man I need. Her mind flirted with what that might mean for the future, then forced it away. No time for such thoughts, Elise. Not now.

Driving away briskly, she checked the rear view mirror, seeing nothing following. A mile later she pulled into the back of a strip mall and changed out of her rags and into the nondescript clothes she had brought for that purpose. Sight of the crisp man’s suit hanging there on the back seat hook sent a wave of nausea rushing over her. Thank God it wasn’t me that killed him, but I’m still glad he’s gone and can’t hurt me anymore. She laughed at herself. I guess I’m not much of an atheist after all.


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Genre – SciFi /Adventure

Rating – PG13

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