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Tainted Waters by Maggie Thom (Excerpt)

Tainted Waters by Maggie Thom (Excerpt)

“Oh, Jaico.” Drained of energy, the woman sank down onto his naked chest.

“Oh, Corrine.”

She giggled. He smiled. It was always so easy. If there was one part of his job he enjoyed, it was this.

“How’s old Harry treating you these days?”

She leaned up on her forearms, her naked breasts brushing his ribs. “He still bellows. That man seems to think I have nothing better to do every day but answer his every beck and call. I’ve made it clear from the beginning that I won’t get him coffee, he can damn well get his own. The other day…” She smiled coyly. He was sure she was remembering their quickie in the ladies’ room at work. “Since I was feeling so nice, I decided to get him a coffee since I was getting one myself. He called me a stupid idiot for bringing him old coffee, he wanted four sugars, not black and he no longer used creamer. He then thrust it at me expecting me to get it for him.” Her finger trailed over his chest. “So I did and I added in blue food coloring. Jackass.”

Jaico howled. “Beautiful. Guess you got him back.”

She looked a little more confident. “Well I was trying to do something nice. He’s just so nasty. So many people are hoodwinked by him. He’s so slick with the big wigs but treats his employees like crap.”

“Hey, you told me he fired someone the other day. How’d that go? I bet you got to do all the dirty work?”

“I had to tell her she had a meeting with him, which is never a good sign. He doesn’t meet with anyone. I have to give her credit though, he must have been his usual self, because after she left, he came out with coffee dripping off his face, demanding I get him paper towels. It was so funny.” She giggled. “The timing of your call couldn’t have been better. I didn’t have to stick around and listen to him bellow.”

“Wow. What did she do before the coffee thing to get fired?”

“Well…. promise you won’t tell?”

Jaico reached up, cupped her face and kissed. “Love, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s just I need this job. It pays good. The benefits alone are worth it. Anyway, I guess she was trying to run a story about this man who had stolen his wife’s necklace or something and Harry hadn’t approved it. I guess she did it on her own, without permission.”

“Oh, who was the guy?”

“Some wealthy dude. It sounds like he was trying to or maybe he got the insurance for it. I don’t know I didn’t get to see the article and I’ve only heard bits and pieces.”

“Is that all she wrote?”

“Yeah, that and just her usual drivel about some lame things going on around town. Her opinion. Nothing very interesting.”

Jaico’s phone rang. He rolled over, grabbed it and glanced at the number.

“Back in a sec.” He jumped to his feet.

“Okay but hurry.”

He looked back at the woman who was displaying all her worldly charms for him. He smiled as he made his way naked across the large hotel room and into the bathroom. He closed the door and turned on the tap.


“I lost her.”

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Rating – PG13

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