Saturday, January 11, 2014

#Excerpt from Living The Testimony by Deidre Havrelock #Christian #AmReading

EXCERPT - “Who is Jesus?”
This book is about giving Jesus more than average thought. Who is Jesus? How do I know who Jesus is? What aspect of Jesus has been revealed to me, personally? And am I fully prepared and happily willing to testify about my faith in Jesus through both my deeds and words? Or, am I afraid and/or unprepared to live out and speak about my faith—often testifying about other things instead?
The early disciples and apostles in the Bible always testified about who Jesus is and what he had done or taught. However, in our day and age we are experiencing a growing cultural trend of testifying about: ourselves, God/church, or sometimes we speak about faith in general terms. Our lack of clarity—when we specifically want or are asked to give our Christian testimony—is causing our testimonies to become weak and even irrelevant.
Living the testimony
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